Monday, July 8, 2013

From Nursing Cover to Pillow Cover and...

A friend of mine has three adorable boys, and she has used the same nursing cover for all of them.  Imagine the hours she spent snuggled up with her little ones
under the cover.  She wanted to keep her nursing cover, but she didn't want to
just toss it in a box...never to be looked at again.  She asked me to use the material to make
a pillow cover ... something she could use, see often and still be able
to keep all of those good memories.
The photo above is the pillow cover I made her...I used
the envelope cover design.  Super simple and not a lot of waste.  The backing is
some thinner denim I had in my stash. 
However, I had fabric left over so....

....I made another pillow cover.  This one is the same design, same backing, but with a different front.  I found some cream muslin in my stash, cut 9 squares out of the cover and
sewed down each side of the squares with a 1/4" seam (kinda like a grid).  The edges are raw and will fray nicely the first time she washes it.
I had a small strip of fabric left over after cutting the squares for pillow number two, so....

....I made her a fabric bookmark.  Super simple, not perfect, very scrappy.
I made a yo-yo flower out of a tiny scrap and added an antique button (that I stole) from
my daughter's button collection.
After these three projects, I STILL had fabric left over.

I made an apron out of the cream muslin, left over denim for the ties and
used the cover material for the pockets.  I also made a removable
finger tip towel.

The cover hooked around her neck with a "d" ring, so I attached that to the apron to
hook the towel.  The strap on the towel came from the neck strap on the cover.

I also removed the label from the nursing cover and
hand sewed it on the back of one of the pillows. 

This is all that's left of the nursing cover!
I always enjoy my sewing jobs, but this one was especially fun.
It was quite the adventure trying to figure out what else I could make from
the fabric scraps that remained each time.

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  1. This is a great idea. I still have my nursing cover taking up room in a drawer. Would be nice to make it into something new. :)