Saturday, February 16, 2013

{hexies = my healthy addiction}

I have an addiction ~ a healthy addiction.'s not Papa Murphy's pizza. 
But, this little mini-pizza box houses my addiction.

May I introduce my hexi travel box?  This little box goes on every trip with me,
it sits next to the couch for those evenings when me and the kids
watch "The Andy Griffith" reruns.  It's in my car in case
I need to wait for my kids.  It holds everything I need to work on my
hexi collection.

1" hexi papers (with added hole punch in the middle for easy removal)
2.5-3" pieces of fabric (I'm working on two projects now, so there are two sets of fabric)
Needle holder (from the book "Pretty Little Presents"
2 wonder clips
Snack size bags (2-3 for completed hexies)

This is my most recent project.  It's going to be a small quilt.  The background will be one solid piece of the lovelywhite fabric (I LOVE the zigzag pattern).  The other five fabrics will be made into hexies and appliqued on the white fabric.  Not sure what pattern yet....still have lots of hexis to make before I decide on that.

Aren't they gorgeous? 


  1. Love them! And what a fun way to spend a few (not so idle) minutes here and there!

  2. Thanks for the tip. I will be taking my hexies away on holidays. Love the hole in the middle.

  3. Thank you for the idea of the box. I am sending a hexie kit to my daughter in college and that is the perfect way to store them.

  4. yes they are gorgeous!! i love your little traveling studio - such a great idea!