Saturday, February 25, 2012

Diaper Change Packet

This may be my new "go~to" gift for baby showers.
It's fast, easy and useful!
You can't beat that combination!

The pattern is from "Simple Quilts and Sewing #119" magazine (2011).
It's made to fit inside your diaper bag and will hold the changing pad, a container of wipes and one or two diapers.  Since we haven't had either wipes or diapers here for quite awhile, I haven't been able to test it out to see exactly how many it will hold.

The pattern called for using vinyl backed flannel.  I wasn't able to find any, and I wasn't sure if it would be able to be put in the dryer.  So, instead, I used two patterns of flannel and sandwiched
a layer of fusible fleece inside.  It's very soft and can go directly into the dryer, when needed.
I think this would be a great gift for new dads ~ maybe using a buckle rather than a button and ribbon and some "guy" fabric. 
These could also be used for other things ~ an art kit, just a few toys for church, to store a bib and utensils ~ just about anything!


  1. I need one of these! I wonder if you could line it with the PUL Fabric from JoAnn's? It says to machine wash warm and tumble dry medium heat, no iron.

  2. Love it Katie! It looks like it holds all the essentials and thats all you need! :)