Monday, November 28, 2011

"Twas three days before...

‘Twas three days before the big bazaar
And all through our place
Not a surface was clean
Not even a plate.

The counter was buried in felt, rhinestones, and glue guns
The island was covered with card-making supplies
Things like markers, paper, stamps and embossers
The ping-pong table was hidden from our eyes.

The laundry sat forgotten, overflowing the hamper.
The dishes? They were piled high next to the sink.
Bathrooms were off-limits to drop-in visitors
The floor was spotted with a mysterious ink.

I sat, exhausted, with burned finger tips
Thought to myself, why, oh why, am I doing this?!
I pictured next year. Would I do this again?
And answered: Yes, with a housekeeper, it’ll be a cinch!

(Written when I should have been cleaning!)  -Katie

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