Monday, May 30, 2011

Sweet burp cloths

A friend just had her third girl.  I'm sure she's got plenty of clothes, toys, etc.  But burp cloths?  It's so nice to have new ones with each child.  They tend to get a bit well-used.  Along with the litte
flower outfit, this was her gift from us.
These are made from flannel, with a thin layer of quilt batting in between.
It makes them so soft!

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  1. Katie, Love these coasters !! New follower,hope you follow back.

  2. Love the burp cloths, they get used a lot and are so pretty! They hold up great in the laundry. And can't wait till she can wear the onesie you made, shouldn't be long...

    Linked to your blog from mine by the way and 'borrowed' these pics ;)