Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Scraps: not just for the pigs or the wood bin anymore!

Growing up on the farm, we had two kinds of scraps:  table scraps and wood scraps.  Wood scraps went into the wood bin to be used for kindling, and table scraps became dinner for the incredibly stinky pigs.  Neither kind of scrap stayed in the house for long, as you can imagine.
Since I began quilting, I've discovered a kind of scrap that I love to keep...fabric scraps!  Some are large, some are small, some are in the strangest shapes...none of them, however, can be tossed out.
This quilt (pattern source is listed here) used a layer cake (42 10" squares).  My scrap pile didn't look like much, but I kept them...mainly because they were so pretty all piled up on my table. 
I had a decent-sized pile or 1" x 10" strips and a small pile of 1.5" x 5" strips.  
The long strips became the center of my table topper.  I added a thin border of Kona Snow and then made four patches with the smaller scraps.  After offsetting the four patches with Snow, I added one last border.  A cute little table topper using some of the smallest of my scraps...now that's putting scraps to good use!

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