Sunday, June 30, 2013

Grag Bag

This is a fun one!
Well, up to the very last step, anyway.
The pattern is from my new favorite magazine:
"Make It Yourself" by Better Homes and Garden
This is their second issue and they are released seasonally.  Both issues
to date have been packed with fun projects...sewing, knitting, cross stitch, paper...just a little bit of everything.

What makes this purse difficult is finishing the handles. 
The front and the back are each just one piece, which includes
the handles.  It's a little tricky getting the very last inch or two of the handles
sewn.  The bag, though, is so versatile.

One handle is longer than the other and slips through the loop made by the shorter handle.  It's perfect for hanging and for looping over your wrist.  This one has become the bag I use for church...perfect size for a Bible and hymn book.  Inside, there are three shallow pockets on each side of the lining...perfect for gum, Kleenex packets, cell phone, etc.
Pattern:  Grab Bags from Spring/Summer 2013 issue of Make It Yourself
Fabric:  Hobby Lobby

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