Monday, January 21, 2013

Another little owl family

On one of our quilt store trips last year, my mom and I discovered a pretty awesome scrapbook store.  One item for sale was a set of three unfinished wooden owls.  The biggest is about 9" tall and the littlest is about 6" tall.  Before I painted and decorated them, I made patterns and had my husband cut a few out.  Then, I created our little owl family.  You can see them here.  I also made one for a friend for her daughter's room.  It is here.  They are so much fun to make as each one takes on it's own little personality.  

My mom has been asking for a set for, well, about a year.  When she gave me "ideas" for her Christmas gifts this year, they included her yearly photo calendar for her desk at work (she says the pictures of the kids keep her sane some days!) and a set of owls.  So here they are!

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