Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Car Seat Privacy Cover

When we had our kids (in 2000 and 2004), it seemed like we had everything we could possibly need.  However, as my friends have babies and I get to see all of the new stuff, it's obvious that we
were definately missing out!  :) 
Both of our kids were born in December, so I remember quite clearly trying to keep their carseats covered with a blanket when we'd go out to protect them from the cold, rain, and/or snow.
Since then, some very intelligent person came up with the idea of adding velcro to a couple of tabs and attaching the blanket to the carseat.
What a simple idea....but what a great help!
A dear friend of mine is expecting her fourth boy soon (very soon!), so
I made her a frog-covered cover.

I forgot to add the photo of the backside of the cover, which is
bright orange with dragonflies.  I'll add it to the end of the post.
I just realized that I forgot to post photos of the
first cover I made.  This one was a bit tricky
due to the shape of  the handle.

The fabric was picked out by the parents...totally fits them!

And here's the reverse side of the frog cover.
I originally found the pattern for the cover and pinned it on Pinterest.
Since then, the link has been changed and was flagged by Pinterest as
possible spam.  If you'd like to see a tutorial here,
let me know and I'll make another!

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  1. A very fabulous idea! Would have helped me on those windy days when the blanket we used to cover the seat tried to fly off, and poor baby got a blast of cold air on his/her face!