Monday, July 2, 2012

Blue and Orange Quilt

 When we moved from Oregon to Idaho in August four years ago, I noticed something right away. 
No matter where you went, no matter what time of the year it was (but especially from August through the winter months), blue and orange was definately the color combo of choice!  We have a lot of hard core fans of our local college team.  Blue and Orange for football?  A good mix.  Even the field is blue! Trying to make a quilt in those colors without using the team logo?  Just a bit more difficult!
My mom made this awesome blue and orange quilt for my son
for Christmas this year.  He loves it!
But I wanted to try one without using any Bronco heads or logos...
maybe one for the female fans out there (and, believe me, there are a lot of them!).

I came upon the blue and orange floral fabric on one of our quilt shop trips and knew that I wanted to make a quilt out of it.  I added the coordinating fabrics as I came upon them in our local quilt stores.  Then, once I'd gathered enough fabric, I designed the quilt.  (Just a friendly hint:   It's much easier to design the quilt and then buy the fabric!  When you have a limited amount of a fabric and can no longer find it in stores, it adds just a bit more of a challenge.) 

The quilt measures 42" x 73"
The prefect size for two to cuddle under on the couch.
The quilting is done using my masking tape method.
I never thought I'd finish the quilting....there are over 3100" of quilting!
I washed it after it was complete ... I love the wrinkly look!

The backing is orange with darker orange lines running through.
I used veregated blue thread for the quilting.

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