Sunday, April 1, 2012

Baby Quilt with Taggies

I just gotta say that it's so much fun when you picture something in your head and then make it ~ and it ends up working out and looking just as you imagined! 
I wanted to make a smaller baby quilt that would include taggies.  It seems like my kids always found the tags on all of their toys and ended up playing with them! 
This taggie quilt is perfect for infant tummie time.  It can either be used on it's own, or baby toys can be attached to the tags with links.  This will help the toy stay within reach of the baby ~ it seemed like my kids always ended up faving one direction and the toy ended up in the other.

Because of it's smaller size and the location of the taggies, I think this would work great on a stroller.  So many times the blanket falls on the ground and gets ran over by the stroller (and sometimes the one pushing it!).  Links can be added to the end taggies and then attached to the stroller.  No more falling blankets ..... and the baby's toys can be attached, too! 

I can't wait to make more of these!
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  1. CUTE ! ! ! CUTE ! ! !

  2. I am inviting you to come and be part of my blog hop:

  3. Great idea! I have made the small taggie blankets, but really like the idea of this for baby's tummy time! Thanks for sharing

  4. Hi! Visiting from tt&j. What a fun idea! I love the colors and everything about it :) My son would be in heaven!

    I would love for you to share this at my Friday link party!

  5. I love this idea and your colors are beautiful, I am looking forward to trying this one and will put it on my pinterest inspiration board!

  6. Could I find out the size of this quilt? I love this.