Friday, December 30, 2011

The last of 2011

Here are a few cards from a recent order...

Dry Debossed

Patterned paper makes such cute kid cards!

Sentiment is heat embossed

All wrapped up for delivery
My card holder altered a bit to hold a notebook and colored pencils.

My mom takes her quilts to the local quilt store to quilt them (sometimes more than one at a time), and she happened to mention recently that she didn't have a big enough bag to carry them.
I had this in mind when I made her this bag for Christmas.  It is VERY large!  As I was making it,
I kept laughing outside at the vast size...causing my husband to think I'd lost it! 
It will, however, hold her purse, lunch and her purchases for the day, along with a quilt or two (or three!).

I think that it could hold two of her!
This will likely be my last post for 2011.  I got a new sewing machine for Christmas, but I won't let myself use it until I've cleaned up the mess I made completing items for the bazaar and then a 120 card order....and then Christmas gifts!  Be back the meantime, have a happy
and safe New Year!

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