Monday, August 29, 2011

Charger Organizer

Cell phone, camera, MP3, Nook
All of these require a charger, and (for me, at least) a different
charger for each.  Mine have been stored in a basket and often become a tangled mess.
I've been trying to figure out a way to organize them, so I was excited to find this in the bathroom
section at our local Fred Meyer.  Of course, we can't leave it plain!

{Top View}


  1. oh my gosh! I was just telling my hubby last night that I wanted to figure out a way to store all of our chargers - this is so cleaver and the answer I was looking for!

  2. Now this is cool. I love altering things to create new things and this is awesome.
    Came over from the Sew Woodsy Link Party
    I would be honored if you came to see my blog here

  3. Love this! It's so cool when a relatively simple upgrade makes such an impressive impact!